Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chicago Criminal Lawyer wonders why bond is drastically lower for a violent crime versus a non-violent crime

This Chicago criminal lawyer was inspired by a question posted on Facebook:

Anonymous- What is wrong with this picture?
Bond set at $1 million for selling and failing to deliver personalized golf balls:,0,3011330.story?obref=obnetwork
bond set at $100k for teen who put his mother in the hospital by poisoning her coffee with antifreeze:
WAUKEGAN, Ill. - Lake County authorities have ordered two men held on $1 million bond on charges of running an alleged swindle involving personalized golf balls.The two, 35-year-old Marco Maggiore of ..
At first blush it might seem crazy, however for the 18 year old kid accused of poisoning his mother $100,000 bond may as well be $1 million dollar bond. My guess is his parents won't bail him out, given the circumstances.
On the other hand, the golf ball caper involves duping several businesses and charitable organizations. Perhaps the court was concerned that the accused posed a flight risk.
The purpose of bond is to ensure that the defendant appears in court. One only need think of the recent capture of Academy Award winner Roman Polanski to understand why those of means may be required to post significantly more money to remain free, even when the crime(unlike Polanski's) is not a crime of violence.

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