Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on the Independent Police Review Authority

This Chicago Criminal lawyer attended a Cook County Bar Association meeting during December. Fortunately, there were some tweets about the special guest from the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA).

From Twitter:

Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) has 2 main areas 1-Investigations & 2- Transparency
6:48 PM Dec 3rd, 2009 from mobile web

Ava George Stewart

IPRA has 50 investigators. Witnesses are protected & if officer retaliates IPRA recs. separation of that officer from CPD
7:30 PM Dec 3rd, 2009 from mobile web

Ava George Stewart

The IPRA has ongoing investigations into "alleged" Chicago Police Department wrong-doing, including whenever an officer shoots someone. It operates independently of whatever criminal investigations maybe ongoing, although it is a governmental body. Unfortunately, that's the rub for many potential witnesses. How do you know you can trust the IPRA investigator who contacted you?

From iprachicago.org:

The Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) intakes all allegations of misconduct, whether generated externally by the public, or internally by Police Department personnel. When an allegation involves excessive force, domestic violence, coercion though violence, or verbal bias-based abuse, IPRA conducts the investigation into the allegation and recommends the result. All other allegations are referred to the Internal Affairs Division for appropriate resolution.

In addition to investigating allegations of misconduct, IPRA investigates or reviews all officer involved shootings, extraordinary occurrences in lock-up, and uses of Tasers. The IPRA also may make recommendations of changes to training and policy.

Finally, IPRA provides transparency to the disciplinary process by making public reports on that process.

It is IPRA’s mission to build trust in IPRA, the Police disciplinary process, and ultimately the Chicago Police Department as a whole through thorough, fair, and timely investigations and increased transparency.

You can because there is a wall separating investigations by IPRA and those by the Chicago Police Department. If you are contacted by IPRA, they are there to assist you, but always talk to your lawyer about the best course of action in your specific circumstance.

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