Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on arrests and your future

This Chicago Criminal lawyer has posted here and here about the impact an arrest can have on your life. She's even posted here on being exonerated. Now, straight from the headlines, an arrest kills the pursuit of public office for Scott Lee Cohen.
February 6, Chicago, IL
Mayor Richard Daley on Saturday declined to join the growing chorus of Democratic leaders calling on embattled lieutenant governor nominee Scott Lee Cohen to withdraw, saying voters elected him.

"People vote in elections. Everybody knew he was a pawnbroker," Daley said. "You knew. The media knew. Everybody knew that, right?"

"So anybody who's allegedly — who's arrested and the case is thrown out, should not run for public office. Is that right? You want that done? I'm just saying, it's a very complicated issue," Daley said after being asked about Cohen's past. "If I did that, you would write editorials that the mayor is a boss, he's a dictator. That he's telling people who got elected in the primary that they should not be going to the general election."
As one of the Sheriff's Deputies mentioned to me,why didn't he[Cohen] have the arrest expunged? Somehow, I bet he's just like most people after they win their case or have the charges dismissed, he simply didn't know it would ever be important to remove the existence of the arrest from his background.

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