Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on gun rights and the City of Chicago

This Chicago Criminal lawyer mentioned she got her Firearm Owner’s ID (FOID) card earlier this year. She’s posted on Unlawful Use of a Weapon charges here. Currently, the City of Chicago does not permit the possession of firearms ( yes, there are some very limited exceptions, but not even the FOID card lets my family keep the firearms in the City). Now, in a highly watched case before the Supreme Court, oral arguments begin on whether citizens can keep firearms in their home.

March 2, Chicago, IL
Most of the Supreme Court justices who two years ago said the 2nd Amendment protects individual gun rights signaled during arguments Tuesday they are ready to extend this right nationwide and to use it to strike down some state and local gun regulations.

Since 1982, Chicago has outlawed hand guns in the city, even for law-abiding residents who sought to keep one at home. That ordinance was challenged by several city residents who said it violated their rights "to keep and bear arms" under the Second Amendment.

The case forced the high court to confront a simple question it had never answered: Did the 2nd Amendment limit only the federal government's ability to regulate guns and state militias, or did it also give citizens a right to challenge state and local restrictions on guns?

All signs Tuesday were that five justices saw the right to "bear arms" as national in scope and not limited to laws passed in Washington.
The decision will probably not be rendered until the fall. In the mean time, get your FOID card and don’t keep your guns or ammunition in the City.

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