Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on the things folks will do to get into the club

This Chicago Criminal lawyer was just talking with friends earlier this week about the nature of nightclubs in the Midwest. Specifically, after hearing a story about a club that was using imaging to determine the size of possible patrons I earnestly thought that won’t work here. Not because folks are fat, but because there’s a certain Midwest sensibility that shuns the notion of standing in line and being picked to pay hard-earned money to get inside of a club. I stand corrected as to the things folks are willing to do to get into a Midwest night club.

April 2, Chicago, IL

A Joliet-area man has been charged with four firearms-related felonies after trying to force his way into a Crest Hill bar last week, police said.
Craig D. Sneed, 36, of the 1400 block of Arthur Avenue, produced a loaded handgun while scuffling with bouncers at the business on the 2300 block of Plainfield Road during his second attempt to gain entry, police said.
I guess he didn’t see my prior post on the illegality of open carry in Illinois.

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