Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on a surefire way to go to jail

This Chicago Criminal lawyer has posted here about the crime of bank robbery. It shouldn't be too difficult to believe in these dire economic times that folks would try to rob banks. She will admit to being a bit puzzled that there are folks actively looking to go to prison, but I guess all things are possible.

April 7, Chicago, Il

A parolee who robbed a Loop Starbucks at gunpoint in 2006 was wearing a home monitoring ankle bracelet when he allegedly robbed a bank Tuesday afternoon Near North Side, police said.

The suspect, scheduled to be turned over to federal authorities Wednesday, was apprehended after the dye pack exploded in a CTA subway, leaving red-ink-stained cash scattered on the subway platform.

The man robbed the North Community Bank branch at 800 N. State St. about 4:50 p.m. But his stolen loot was harboring a security dye pack, designed to explode and render the cash useless. After the robber bolted the bank and fled down to the Chicago Avenue subway station, the dye pack exploded, staining the bills and littering them along the platform, witnesses said.

Police said the suspect was on parole at the time of Tuesday’s robbery after being convicted of the Dec. 3, 2006, robbery of a Loop Starbucks, in which he took $115, a Tuscan Chicken sandwich and a tall iced tea, according to police.
He was convicted of aggravated robbery in January 2007 and sentenced to seven years in prison for the robbery at 25 E. Washington St., and is currently on parole, police said.
The only logical explanation for someone to rob a bank while wearing an ankle bracelet is they want to go to prison. The anklets have GPS installed in them. Surely this gentleman would know he would be questioned, at least as a possible witness to the crime since his probation officers would be able to download data indicating he was there at the time of the crime.

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