Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney comments on the Congressman's request for criminal charges in a tragedy

This Chicago Criminal attorney posted last week about the tragedy of a man being killed for stealing toothpaste.  It looks like Congressman or pressuring the State’s Attorney’s Office to file criminal charges against the accused.

Congressman Bobby Rush is calling for criminal charges to be brought against those responsible for the death of an alleged shoplifter from a CVS store in the Little Village neighborhood a week and a half ago. 

The Chicago Police Department labeled Anthony Kyser’s death on May 8th, “accidental”, but says it’s still investigating. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office ruled the death a homicide, in that Kyser’s death came at the hands of someone else.

Congressman Rush says that, for justice to be done, criminal charges must be brought against the person or people responsible for Anthony Kyser’s death.

Rush says, “We are not a city of vigilantes. And vigilante justice is unacceptable in this city”.

Anthony Kyser was choked to death, allegedly by a CVS store manager, after allegedly stealing toothpaste and crayons. A Cook County Sheriff’s Deputy reportedly witnessed the incident. 

 This one’s going to be difficult, both as a civil suit and criminal charges.  Let’s hope many stores effectively changed their policies on retail theft in light of this tragedy.

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  1. Ava:
    Retailers have the policies. They are clearly written: don't chase. Adrenalin overpowers the training and from that point it is anyone's guess how it will turn out. For more on these types of incidents go to www.lptoday.com/deaths.htm.