Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney thinks her clients are probably right

This Chicago Criminal attorney is not a fan of repeat business from her clients.  Time and time again, she is told that her clients were only charged based on profiling or that if they were a different race or were VIP’s they wouldn’t be charged in the first place.  She’s not saying they are wrong.  She’s posted here and here about professional courtesies.
Craig Lancaster wanted to prove that Chicago Police officers are treated the same as others when they break the law, Cook County prosecutors said.
So in a drunken argument with a friend last summer, prosecutors said, the 41-year-old veteran officer shot a gun in the air outside an Ashburn bowling alley where he also worked security -- and waited.
Within minutes, Lancaster appeared to have won the debate when officers arrived on the scene and arrested him. He was charged with two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm.
But on Friday, some might argue, he caught a break -- but seemingly lost the argument.
Judge Marcus Salone acquitted Lancaster, who was apparently captured on surveillance cameras with his arms in the air. Lancaster could be seen on video holstering a gun seconds later as he walked back into the Bluebird Lanes Bowling Alley, at 3900 W. Columbus, prosecutors said.
Although the accused has been acquitted, let’s see if he gets fully restored to Serve and Protect the fine citizens of the Windy City.

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