Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney comments on confessions, justice delayed, and DNA

This Chicago Criminal attorney thinks it is finally time to give a second look, okay a third look, at so-called admissions/ confessions by those accused of crime. 
Ripped from the headlines:
After five years in jail on allegations that he murdered his 8-year-old daughter and her friend in Zion, Jerry Hobbs has been released from custody. 
Prosecutors filed a motion to drop the charges against Hobbs at a hearing before Lake County Judge Fred Foreman Wednesday morning. The hearing lasted all of about one minute.
Upon being released, Hobbs quietly left the Lake County Jail while reporters were inside the courthouse, attending a news conference by county State's Attorney Michael Waller.
Even though Hobbs was released, Waller says he and police have nothing to apologize for.
"I don't, and we don't in the Lake County State's Attorney's Office, prosecute defendants unless we think that we can prove them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," said State's Attorney Waller. "Based on this new evidence, we didn't think we could prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt."
Hobbs confessed to the murder of his daughter, Laura, 8, and her friend, Krystal Tobias, in a park near their Zion home in 2005. He has been sitting in jail awaiting trial ever since. 
 Have you ever wondered, even if you don’t watch Law and Order, how the police are able to get people to testify to things that they didn’t do?

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