Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney comments on the lack of young blood in the police force

This Chicago Criminal attorney understands there is a search for Chicago’s Best Women and Men…at the Chicago Police Department.  There’s only one hitch, they don’t want anyone remotely resembling a “21 Jump Street” actor.

The Chicago Police Department is striking a compromise after running into opposition over a plan to raise its minimum application age to 25.
Instead of forcing aspiring police officers to wait until their 25th birthday to take the police entrance exam on Dec. 11, the revised policy allows them to take the test when they turn 21. But they still can’t enter the police academy until they’re 25.
That will allow people like Jason Quaglia, 23, to take the test. When he turns 25, he must wait for his name to be randomly drawn from the list of qualified applicants before he can enter the academy as a recruit.
Quaglia, who created a Facebook page called “The Chicago Police Minimum Age Will Destroy My Career,” said he was happy about the compromise announced Wednesday.
“Excellent,” Quaglia said. “I am glad they actually listened to us and heard our concerns. The most important part is to let us on the list because who knows when there is going to be another test.”
The Dec. 11 test will be the first one in four years. Non-military applicants must have completed 60 semester hours of college.
This matter is further complicated by a number of cadets, already in the Academy, who don’t make the age requirement.  That part seems easy to me, just grandfather those youngsters that are already in the Academy.  

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