Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicago Criminal attorney comments on the end of the death penalty in the Land of Lincoln

This Chicago Criminal Attorney has posted here, here, and here about the problem with capital punishment.  You know, it just not infallible.  Anytime, the government has the power to take a life, it should be perfect. Almost perfect, is not good enough.

Even the Illinois legislature agreed.  Still we wait for Governor Quinn, to act on his conscience and sign the bill.  Here’s the intriguing part, get over that whole notion of reasonable people can disagree on this issue, 65 former prosecutors, a former governor, and a former Illinois Supreme Court justice, also think the Governor should sign the darn thing already.

January 22, Chicago, Il:
 A  group of 65 people that includes some of Illinois’ best-known legal names has sent Gov. Quinn a letter urging him to sign legislation abolishing the death penalty.
Among those signing the letter were former governor and federal prosecutor James R. Thompson, former Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow and former U.S. attorneys Dan Webb, Scott Lassar, James B. Burns and Thomas P. Sullivan.
“We are deeply concerned, as we know you are, about public safety,” states the letter, which also was signed by former state prosecutors, judges, assistant Illinois attorneys general, assistant federal prosecutors and U.S. Justice Department lawyers. “But there simply is no credible evidence that the death penalty deters crime.”
The letter also says using the death penalty “as an instrument of coercion” to get guilty pleas has led to false convictions and that trying to limit capital punishment to exceptionally heinous crimes would not eliminate its underlying flaws.
 Come on Governor Quinn, what are you waiting for?

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