Monday, June 6, 2011

Chicago Criminal Attorney Comments on a Continued Decrease in Crime

This Chicago Criminal attorney has posted here and here about decreased crime.  Almost two and a half year streak of decreased crime continues.

Overall crime was down for the 29th consecutive month in Chicago, according to preliminary monthly crime statistics for the month of May released by police Sunday.
Total crime in the city fell 5.9 percent compared to crime numbers through May 2010, police said in a press release.
One of the more prevalent drops in May is that of homicide, down 16.3 percent. Through the end of May, there were 27 fewer homicides this year than the same time frame in 2010, police said. More than half of the 25 police districts citywide reported decreases in their homicide numbers.

 Can you believe it?  Well apparently, you aren’t the only one who is in disbelief:

From the Comments Section of the (in response to the article):

melken at 2:12 AM June 6, 2011
Figures lie and liars figure.....
Hey reporters, why don't you stop being such credulous chumps and go find out WHY the numbers are going down?  It's NOT because crime is down.  It IS because there's fewer cops, so more people just don't bother reporting anything because it wastes their time, they just suck it up and get on with life.
I'm sure these fictious numbers are comforting to those taxpayers who are victimized by the packs of gangbangers wandering downtown and the beaches.      

Vin- A at 1:45 AM June 6, 2011

Patriot78 at 11:36 PM June 5, 2011
These touted reductions in crime are negligible at best.  The new superintendent needs to be very careful since he will be blamed if the numbers go up.

So what do you think?  Are people just not reporting crimes as melken thinks?

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  1. Dispersing and distributing to the suburbs the inhabitants of the now-gone Projects, such as Cabrini-Green, has likely helped. We've been incarcerating a lot of young men, too - they're off the streets for now, but at a price we aren't fully aware of. Reported crimes that are otherwise generally untraceable - drug use, uninsured driving, drunk driving, etc. - these are very likely not down, despite the high ultimate costs to society of these crimes. I suspect that numbers for these crimes are down in part due to CPD's unwillingness to make arrests, perhaps in response to Jodi Weiss.

    Garry McCarthy's first test will be to keep the lid on crime as summer unfolds. Rahm's promised to put another 1000 officers on the streets, and hire another 250. The next few months will be a litmus test.