Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chicago Criminal Attorney's Open Letter to The Honorable X

Dear Your Honor X:

I was shocked when I heard this today; I really hope it’s just a horrible rumor.  Unfortunately, it just doesn't ring false.

I heard that you thought the Young Prosecutor would agree with you.  You probably thought he felt the same way you did.  Fortunately, for those of us who care about justice, this young prosecutor included, he doesn’t agree with you.

If you think you deserve to wear a robe and decide the fate of lives before you then surely you must have misspoken.  I would rather believe the Young Prosecutor just doesn’t like you.  Although, I must admit, I’ve never heard him speak poorly of anyone, defendants included, in the years that I’ve known him.

But, to come quickly to my point, because I know your time is valuable, if you earnestly can’t conceive of a time that you would ever believe a word coming out of a defendant’s mouth, as you said to the Young Prosecutor, please, please for the sake of justice, step down from your position as judge.

I’m ever grateful that the Young Prosecutor didn’t agree with you and even told other defenders of justice exactly what you said.

So please don't be offended when my peers and I smile and politely ask for a Substitution of Judge for each and every matter before you.


Ava George Stewart

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