Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicago Criminal Lawyer Knows That Vets Have Unique Needs

This Chicago criminal defense lawyer has posted here and here about vets.  I tend to do this on Veterans Day because I know this is a day when people are outwardly thinking about soldiers.  Those serving now as well as those who have served before.

But I don't believe that service to this country is adequately honored by remembering them today.  That's not to say that doing so isn't nice, it's just that I think the men and women who serve this country frequently don't get the benefit of the doubt.  Just last month there was a partisan shut down of the government.  Apparently by people that don't understand that while there maybe a lot of things they don't like about government, there are many important and essential functions that are solely that of the government.

For example, death benefits could have been stopped but once those clamoring for a shutdown of government realized that would happen without any additional action, they quickly stopped that horror from occurring.  It is this very type of acting without thinking through the ramifications that troubles me about those giving lip service to vets.

So if you know a vet that needs services, I'm asking you to help her or him get those services.  If you know a vet that needs a lawyer, I'm asking you to help her or him get those legal services.  If you know a vet that has a lawyer, remind her or him to make sure that the lawyer knows they are a vet.  It can make a substantial difference to the outcome of their legal matter.  Finally, I'm not interested in whether you do this today or not, I want to know if you can do it the other days of the year that aren't called Veterans Day?

RIP Marty. My BFF saw to it that you got a home so you wouldn't have to stand on the side of the expressway asking for money.  That you got treatment.  That we visited you at Hines.  That you knew you had friends you could introduce to the medical staff.  That your service and sacrifice were respected.

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