Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on politics and prisons

This Chicago Criminal lawyer has posted here, here, and here about the politics of prison. Now comes news that a "probable" candidate for governor, didn't quite get his facts straight prior to campaigning.

March 4, Chicago, IL
At a Capitol news conference, Brady suggested that a Springfield man accused of a murder was part of Quinn's now-infamous secret early release program for inmates.

As a result, the Bloomington lawmaker contended, Quinn put "at risk the people of Illinois and their public safety."

The trouble is, state prison officials later pointed out, the inmate wasn't among those the Quinn administration released early because he wasn't eligible.

Brady hadn't fully checked available public records, including an online list the Quinn administration posted detailing which inmates were let out early after getting sped-up "good time" off their prison sentences. When told there is such a list, Brady offered a short response: "There is?"
The signs of uncertainty began to show as Brady, under questioning, dismissed the idea that he was overselling the Phillips case.

"This is about public safety," Brady said. "The public deserves to know. Ladies and gentlemen, there was an individual murdered in this county by someone who was released early. He's been indicted and arrested."

But Brady also acknowledged his legal advisers didn't know whether Phillips was part of Quinn's early release program but said the case "could have fallen" under it.
I think the public is in trouble when the candidates for office don't know about the criminal justice system.

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