Friday, April 30, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer says just because spring has sprung it doesn't mean you can plant everything

This Chicago Criminal lawyer is trying her hand at container gardening.  She’s never planted anything to eat before, but it makes sense.  One of the things she’s learned now is that the reason a gardener plants an awful lot of seeds, is it takes a lot of plants dying and seeds never even sprouting to get that tomato to the table.  So I was devastated when my spinach seedlings committed Hari-kari right before my eyes.

So like anyone else with easy access she immediately started searching online for a diagnosis and treatment for my beloved spinach seedlings.  She searched the term wilted seedlings.  Low and behold, there were several groups discussing the same thing and then I realized they were all talking about cannabis seedlings, not exactly a legitimate cash crop in this country.

Perhaps, this explains why so many folks don’t understand that possession of marijuana is exactly the kind of thing that gets you arrested and looking for legal services

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