Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer comments on the City's guns for gift cards campaign

This Chicago Criminal lawyer has posted here about the City’s gun battle—that is the case to be decided before SCOTUS.  I suspect even “Da Mayor” is anticipating the City will lose the case.

 Local leaders are asking Chicagoans to turn in their guns. They're hoping for a big turn out at the city's latest gun turn-in day.
"And what we're doing in America, we're basically killing our own, especially younger people," Mayor Richard M. Daley said. 
As more than a dozen of Chicago's at-risk kids stood nearby, the mayor and the police superintendent announced another gun turn-in day in the city. 
"Today I'm asking every resident of Chicago to turn in their firearm -- shotgun, rifles, automatic, semi automatic, pistol, revolver… No questions asked," Daley said. 
As they did last year, 25 churches will be collecting guns on Saturday, July 26, and giving back a $100 prepaid MasterCard for each weapon. 
Last year, a record 6,700 guns were handed over. 
  I can assure the mayor that very few hunters or markspersons in the City will give up their shotgun or rifle for $100.  They aren’t using those firearms for self-defense in the first place.  

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