Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney wonders what the mayor really thinks about gun control

This Chicago Criminal attorney has posted here and here about the City of Chicago’s 2nd Amendment case pending before the United Supreme Court.  Still, today’s comments from the mayor are interesting.

 Mayor Richard Daley today rejected the idea that the Supreme Court is likely to overturn the city's gun ban, but said that he will be ready to act quickly to put in place restrictions on gun ownership if it does. 
It's defeatist to prepare new gun laws ahead of the court's ruling, which should come before the body recesses at the end of June, Daley said.
 "You have to have confidence in the Supreme Court, Maybe they'll see the light of day," Daley said at a City Hall news conference. "Maybe one of them will have an incident and they'll change their mind overnight, going to and from work."
 The mayor said if the court overturns the Chicago ban, as expected, he'll quickly present new legislation to the City Council.
 "Whatever the details of the court's ruling will be, we will always find new ways to keep guns off our streets," he said.

 "If you get a call for domestic violence, or you get a call for a burglary, or you get a call that a man with a gun is outside someone's home, and the police officer goes to the scene, goes to the door and sees a person with a gun, what decision does he have to make with regards to his safety and the safety in that home?" Daley said.
 "When you think about that, you're really placing the first responders in a much more difficult -- with all the restrictions on police officers, what they can do and what they can't do -- we'll have to give them a worksheet for them, where they'll have to read it to you, take your FOI card out?"

 It could just be me, but none of the First responders I know seem to think like that.  It also occurs to me that other jurisdictions don’t have First responders ask for FOID cards when they arrive.

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