Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chicago Criminal lawyer doesn't think a judge has a right to know if a woman is pregnant

This Chicago Criminal lawyer thinks it is a shame and a complete waste of taxpayers’ money that a judge would use his power to hold this woman in contempt of court.

Angel Violet Yulee Adams went into court Friday, wearing the orange jail clothes she got the night before.
A couple years ago, the mother of 15 children was with her 12 youngest - and without a home - when authorities stepped in to get the kids.
In the legal battle to get all her kids back, the day before, Adams refused to answer Judge Tracy Sheehan's questions about whether she's pregnant with what would be her 16th child. Judge Sheehan said Adams was in contempt of court and put her in jail.
No, I’m not addressing my thoughts about why she has so many children but since having children is probably a protected right in this country based on privacy, just like the right to not have children, she’s not broken any laws in that regard.  What do you think?  Should a judge have the right to ask a woman if she’s pregnant?

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  1. Absolutely since I (the taxpayer) is picking up the tab for her lifestyle and the care of her children that are minors. This woman is not a caring mother. There is such neglect and the impact on society is huge. The judge is responsible to end this cycle of poverty/entitlement attitude. The judge is there because ms. adams crime is juvenile neglect. she is a poor role model for her brood and I hope they can see other models for how to be a good citizen. 50 percent of us taxpayers pick up the tab for the other 50 percent. adams is a weight around my world and i hope these kids will now move forward, get an education, play sports, music and grow up to be more responsible than this dirt bag mother