Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicago criminal attorney comments on when the government decides not to prosecute--again

This Chicago Criminal attorney isn’t surprised that all charges have been dropped against the brother of former governor Rod Blagojevich, Robert. 

In the trial against Robert Blagojevich, he was co-defendant with his brother, the jurors also failed to come to an agreement.  He was charged with four counts and the jury failed to convict or acquit on all four charges (hung jury).  This seemed odd given the following:

“I didn’t get my wish for him . . . to go home with his wife,” Grover said. “The whole time we spent on Rod, in the background we talked about Robert. And I had a feeling that nobody wanted to send him to jail. There really wasn’t a lot there.”
Grover said prosecutors shouldn’t put Robert Blagojevich through another trial.
“My personal opinion, I wouldn’t [retry Robert]. I don’t see the stuff that I saw on his brother. Robert was never really in the picture. . . . I think he was honestly trying to do a good job.”
Nine jurors voted in favor of acquittal on the four counts involving Robert Blagojevich and three voted to convict, Grover said.
“I’m further resolved to hear it was a 9 to 3 result in my favor,” Robert Blagojevich said today. “I’m an innocent man. I’ve done nothing wrong. The majority of the jury thought that was the case.”
Still, it took the prosecutors to decide that they wouldn’t retry him.

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