Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney knows you don't want to lose your student loans

This Chicago Criminal attorney knows it is back-to-school season.  There is the fervent preparation of high school students in order to put them in the best light for admission to their college of choice.  There is also the ritual of checking a daughter or son in to their very first dorm room after successful admission to college. 

You don’t want all of their hard work and effort to go down the drain because they don’t qualify for student loans do you?

From fafsa.org:

Before Beginning a FAFSA

Student Aid Eligibility Worksheet

It is the law! You might not be able to receive federal student aid if you have been convicted of selling or possessing illegal drugs, if the drug offense for which you were convicted occurred while you were receiving federal student aid (grants, loans, and /or work study).
If you have been convicted in the past, this does not automatically mean that you are ineligible for federal student aid. This worksheet will help you determine your eligibility.
TIP: You should complete and submit your FAFSA even if you are not eligible for federal student aid. You may be eligible for financial aid from other sources.
There are two worksheets available.
Perhaps, this is far more compelling than the old “just say no to drugs” campaign. 

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