Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chicago Criminal Attorney Comments on Child Pornography in Law Enforcement

This Chicago Criminal attorney has posted here and here about those charged as sex offenders.  No she doesn’t have the solution, but today’s sentencing of an Illinois State Police Officer makes it clear that this is an illness.  It’s an illness and that does not negate the wrong but my goodness.

 retired Illinois State Police trooper who admitted viewing child pornography on a state-issued laptop computer while sitting in his squad car supposedly looking for speeding motorists was sentenced today to 60 days in the DuPage County Jail.
Juan Rodriguez, 51, of Glen Ellyn, a 27-year veteran of the Illinois State Police, pleaded guilty today to official misconduct and possession of child pornography.  He is to begin serving his sentence later this year following the completion of a sex offender evaluation.
Assistant State's Attorney Helen Kapas Erdman told Judge George Bakalis that Rodriguez's name first appeared in connection with child pornography during a 2003 federal investigation into child pornography sites, and then again in 2008 when another federal investigation showed him viewing child pornography sites and using a personal credit card to pay $99 to join a website.
The investigation led back to the defendant’s state-issued laptop, which he used while he was on duty for Illinois State Police District 15, the tollway division. He was assigned to an overtime detail designed to run traffic patrols.
"He was using the ISP mobile data computer in his squad to view and download these images," Kapas Erdman said.
"He claimed to have his interest sparked by newspaper articles and he wanted to see what the big deal was," she said. Bakalis was told that Rodriguez looked at the websites two or three times a year over six years.
 I suspect there are people who make and work in pornography that wouldn’t ever watch child pornography.  Let alone watch it at work on the property of their employer.

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