Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chicago Criminal Attorney Comments on Heat Wars

This Chicago Criminal Attorney likes heat.  She can understand the heat wars between sisters.  

June 13, Chicago, IL:
A 62-year-old Plainfield woman whose simmering feud with her sister over the thermostat setting in their home escalated into a fight last year was found not guilty of battery Monday.

Before returning his verdict, Will County Judge Brian Barrett said he couldn't tell which of the sisters started the brawl over whether the ambient air temperature should be 67 or 68 degrees.

"Leave that (expletive) thermostat alone," Lupina said as she descended the stairs, according to Sales.

Lupina testified that Sales was sitting on the couch keeping an eye on the thermostat when she came downstairs. She said she saw Sales jump up, walk over and twice shove her away from the thermostat before throwing punches that left her with a black eye.
"I was in shock," Lupina said.
But Sales testified that Lupina was standing in front of the thermostat when she tried to change it back to 68. A fight broke out after Lupina shoved her, Sales said.
"Nothing I did pleased her — I couldn't do anything right in her eyes," Sales said.

Still, was this prosecution a good use of tax payer money?  FYI- These two combatants still live together.

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