Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chicago Criminal attorney thinks the City's Big Gun case is down for the count

Wow!  You already know this Chicago Criminal attorney has her FOID card.  She’s posted here, here, and here about the City’s Big Gun Case.  It seems a bit serendipitous to have a self-defense story come out with especially compelling victims while McDonald v. City of Chicago awaits an opinion by the Supreme Court.

Last November, someone broke into the home of the 80-year-old Army veteran in East Garfield Park and made off with $100 in cash.
The man vowed never again to be a victim of crime -- and bought a gun.
Early this morning, he used it to kill a burglar who tried to break into his home as he and his 83-year-old wife and their 12-year-old great-grandson slept about 5:20 a.m., according to police and family.
"He just protected his family," the veteran's son said. "That's the most important thing to do, protect your family."

The burglar had broken a basement window, gone up the back stairs to an enclosed porch, then had tried to open the back door that leads into the first-floor apartment, the son said.
The door was locked, so the burglar tried twice to break in through a back window -- the couple's bedroom window, the son said. At some point, the burglar fired a shot and the elderly man fired back, according to police and the family.
"He saw daddy, shot first and my father shot back. He was protecting himself. He didn't have any other options."
"I'm so glad no one got injured in my family," the son said.
The 12-year-old great-grandson said he was asleep over at the home and was awakened by shots.
"I was in my room asleep when I heard gunshots. I saw a man standing in the window. He was a big man. I grabbed my grandma and then went to the front room," he said. "We stayed there and waited for police."

The son said the shooting demonstrates why Chicago's handgun must be repealed.
"How are we going to protect our homes without guns?" the son said. "That gun law should be abolished. You don't need guns on the street, but you need them in the home for protection."

 It looks like Mr. McDonald just found another comrade in the struggle.  Somehow I suspect the mayor will be mute on this subject.  Yes I do think he will be peppered with questions about this incident in his next press conference.

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